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Caring for your Extensions
Our Hair is 100%
Velvet Russian Remy Human Hair
Genuine 24" or 63cm Long
As we are installing your hair using either
I-Tip - Silicone Lined Micro Bead Method or
Skin Weft - Tape Extensions we can answer any of those questions with reccomendations of products also how and what you can use to style your beautiful long hair!
FROM EXPERIENCE we recommend the following;
  • Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing
  • Do not have your extensions colored at home or in other salons we highly We will only Guarantee our hair when maintained in our salon.
  • Carefully Wash using Warm water & Mild Shampoo
  • Do not  ever sleep with Wet hair
  • Do not rub or twist your hair
  • Follow with Conditioner or Treatments  as recommended by your stylist
  • Gently Squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel
  • Follow with a Serum, Moisture lock Treatment or a Heat Protecter if styling 
  • DO NOT Roll or Rub your hair dry 
  • Dry & Style your hair as recommended by your stylist 
  • DO NOT Straighten your hair or Hair Extensions while it has HAIR SPRAY or MOUSSE Products in it as it WILL FRY your Hair Extensions & Natural Hair
  • Moisturize the ends regularly using the AHE Secret Serum    
Please Don’t:
Brush your hair when it is wet, use only a wide tooth comb
Do not brush with any other brushes other than the brush recommended by us 
Using Hair Extensions Brushes that are available on the market to purchase will cause the hair follicle to split and there is a risk of damaging your own hair and your extensions 
Sleep with wet hair, Sleeping with wet hair is major no-no when it comes to maintaining your hair extensions.
Sleeping with wet hair will cause matting and knotting which ultimately may cost money to fix.
Saturate your hair with Tap water prior to swimming ,Tie your hair in an a  plait while swimming we reccomend to use conditioner also.
Immediatly after swimming rinse your hair use a leave in
Conditioner we Recommend EGO BOOST by Bead Head Comb your hair out
Avoid spa's and hot tubs.
Never Try to perform DIY maintenance by yourself as silly as it sounds, many girls do take it upon themselves to fix problems they have with their extensions.
Please Remember we are here to advise you should you have any questions or problems
Use a moisturizing treatment at least once a week on hair extensions.
Use a soft bristle brush recommended by us to brush your extensions each day no other brushes.
"By brushing your hair in soft gentle strokes from top to tip, you will prevent matting and tangling at the scalp."
Have your hair extensions fixed and maintained every 6-8 weeks at our salon 
 "Just like real hair, you loose up to 100 strands of hair a day"
The extensions will decrease in size and thickness over time
What you do to your own hair is almost always what you need to do to care for your extensions!
The more hair you have, the less extensions you need.
For a well balanced, appropriate and natural look, you need to match the amount of extensions to the thickness of your hair,
Your experienced Stylist and Hair Extension installer should advise you at your consultation
Think about what you are getting for your money and has your stylist answered all your questions
"Some salons will bargain you into getting a cheaper price in the short term, when you will end up over time having to pay more than what is required for maintenance."
The last words from the team at 
Adelaide Hair Extensions
So whether you are having your extensions for a special occasion, something that you have worked long and hard for, or just because you can!
Be sure that you are well advised and have done your research and that you know all of your options, and to take Adelaide Hair Extensions expert advice and pick them for your quality hair extension installation and superior personal service
At Adelaide Hair Extensions
we only use the Micro-Bead Method & Skin / Tape Wefts
Our Microbead Methods are silicone lined beads that wont damage your hair, your hair lasts for months and can be moved up and re-beaded so you save thousands of dollars.
Our Skin/Tape wefts are the absolute
SEAMLESS Hair Extension on the Market today.
This method of Extension is seamless,weightless, long lasting and creates
NO SHEDDING so your tape extensions can last you a lifetime with maintenance being the same as our Microbead method (every 6-8 weeks)
When Adelaide Hair Extensions does maintenance we do it the right way!!
We remove all of your extensions and then reinstall them using new silicone lined micro beads and new tape (if your a skin weft client) this ensures
to your own hair Guaranteed!!!
Adelaide Hair Extensions  offers you the most sophisticated and undetectable hair extensions on the market as is its method of attachment;
We use micro-cylinders that expertly link the extensions to the existing hair, avoiding any contact with glues, waxes and weaves.
Adelaide  Hair Extensions use only AAA grade Velvet  Russian (Remy) Human Hair
sourced from Russia & the Ukraine  which are completely reusable and so easy to maintain.
100% AAA Diamond Grade Salon Quality
Velvet Virgin  Russian Remy Human Hair
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